The Best Instagram Marketing Tips

Since the creation of Instagram, it has largely grown into an ultimate platform for sharing photos and video posts. A recent statistical analysis shows that over 800M users are usually active on a monthly basis and numerous posts are also posted daily. With these numbers constantly increasing day in day out, Instagram marketing has turned out to be a great option for all businesses.

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Switch to a Business Profile

Before you can start thinking about marketing, ensure that you have an Instagram Business Account. If you would not prefer starting from scratch, turning your current profile to a business account is easy as you only need to go to settings and click on ‘Switch to Business Profile’. If you have a business profile, followers can always click to your contact button if they would like to get in touch with you just as they would from your website.
Use the free Insta Tools

The Business profiles on Insta are not that different from those in Facebook. Through insights, you can always view statistics such as impressions, engagement data or even more. You can as well acquire a breakdown of your follower’s demographics or even specific insights on posts for the week that show you how many impressions you may have earned for a certain period. These free tools are certainly priceless as you can always use them to understand precisely how users are interacting with whatever you post.

Moreover, one other Instagram marketing tool is posting product teasers always helps by genuinely urging people to buy. If you play your cards right, you will not annoy users or even scare them off with your adverts either. Note that if you become too pushy, your followers may drop like flies. However, product teaser posts are a simple and easy way to describe your product and also increase excitement without you looking like you are too desperate.
Also, paid Instagram ads have turned out to be a common place on the platform and you can always control how much you would want to spend on them. Typically, you can showcase either one sponsored ad or even multiple ads with the carousel feature. This usually gives brands the ability to target their potential customers in a whole new way. For the sponsored ads, you should use content that is engaging while still appealing to the target demographic that you would want to put the ad in front of.

Insta Stories are here to help. They differ from the regular posts as they come in a slideshow format and can always be viewed by the public, including those who do not follow you. Once a user clicks on your photo, a window pops up where they can always view your story. Also, you do not have to worry much about posting content that aligns with the aesthetic of your brand or Insta page and you can always use them to capture behind-the-scenes insider posts that may not be as high quality.

So there you have them! The best ways on how you can improve Instagram marketing for the better and growth of your business. Practice them on a daily basis and you will come to notice the huge growth of your organization.

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